On-site ergonomic assessments / Finding ergonomic solutions
Ergonomic training/One-on- one training & group training

Product recommendations
Product delivery, training and installation of ergonomic equipment.
Voice-activated software – and addressing the voice-box

Finding cost effective solutions when conducting assessments by:

Re-using / retrofitting existing workstations – desks – cubicles to
accommodate ergonomic equipment.
Re-configure workstation design.
Retrofit Office furniture / Home furniture
Lower and/or raise workstation(s) to appropriate height(s)

Think Green: Recycle, Repair and Retrofit

We work closely with vendors to install ergonomic products such as:

Articulating keyboard trays
Monitor – dual monitor arms
Pneumatic sit /stands
Counter balance manual sit / stands

Addressing: Device addiction, glare, laptop use, multi-screen use and
implanting a healthier manner to work.